05. Oktober 2018 - 12:00
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Oak St. Tactical Redesign | 1800 Oak St | Freitag, 05. Oktober 2018

We are proud recipients of the AARP's 2018 Livable Communities Challenge! This opportunity will allow us a chance to show Kansas City an example of how our streets could better serve everyone. This year we will demonstrate a safer road design for southbound Oak from 17th st. to 19th. We will maintain all on street automobile parking while providing a safe place for bicyclists, scooters and skateboards to ride separate from automobile traffic and pedestrian space. We will add a dozen parking spaces for bicycles and another few dozen for scooters. We'll use planters filled with perennial native grasses to help calm traffic speeds, provide a protective barrier and add beauty to the neighborhood. We will also add sidewalk seating to help improve the pedestrian experience and provide a place for anyone to relax as they enjoy our wonderful city!Whether you're walking, riding or driving, we hope you'll take the time to enjoy our vision of a safer, healthier, and happier city for all.