05. August 2019 - 3:30 bis 5:30
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php and MySQL Training in Basel for Beginners | MySQL with php Programming training | personal home page training | MySQL database training | Entirety Technology | Montag, 05. August 2019

This Instructor led LIVE php and MySQL training course will be provided for a total duration of 16 hours spread across 3 weeks by our highly professional php and MySQL trainers. 
php stands for Personal Home Page and is a widely popular multi-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

Weekly Class Schedule
This class begins on Sunday evening, August 4, 2019 at 6:30 PM US Pacific time.
Please check your local date and time for the first session

16 hours of LIVE training
8 sessions | 3 weeks |  3 sessions first two weeks | 2 sessions during 3rd and last week | 2 hours per session
Sunday, Tuesday and Thusday first 2 weeks
Sunday and Tuesday during 3rd and last week
US Pacific time 6:30-8:30 PM each day

View Detailed Weekly Schedule for the entire class

Course Objectives

Knowledge of high-level Architecture required for Web Page design.
Handle the Web page development and support activities in the real-time
Work independently and implement advanced concepts.
Gain in-depth knowledge of various components related to PHP.
Work with CMS system using WordPress, Joomla, etc.
Work with any RDBMS operation.
How to get involved in Development and Support as per Project Requirement.

Who should attend
This class can be taken by software developers, web developers and database professionals.


Basic knowledge of computers, websites, any programming language, html

Course Outline          
1. An Introduction to php and MySQL

History of php and MySQL
Installation and configuring Apache and PHP

2. php Basics, terms and terminology
3. Default Syntax

Styles of PHP Tags
Comments in PHP
Output functions in PHP
Datatypes in PHP
Configuration Settings
Error Types

4. php Variables

Variable Declarations
Variable Scope
PHP’s Superglobal Variables

5. php Consants

Magic Constants
Standard Pre-defined Constants
Core Pre-defined Languages
User-defined Constants

6. Control Structures

Execution Control Statements
Conditional Statements
Looping Statements with Real-time Examples

7. Functions

Creating Functions
Passing Arguments by Value and Reference
Recursive Functions

8. Arrays

What is an Array?
How to create an Array
Traversing Arrays
Array Functions

9. Include Functions

Include, Include_once
Require, Require_once

10. Regular Expressions

Validating text boxes,emails,phone number,etc
Creating custom regular expressions

11. php Object-Oriented Programming 

Classes, Objects, Fields, Properties, _set(), Constants, Methods
Inheritance, types
Constructors, Destructors
Static Class Members, Keyword Instances, Helper Functions
Object Cloning and Copy

12. php and MySQL

What is MySQL
Integration with MySQL
MySQL functions
Gmail Data Grid options
SQL Injection
Uploading and downloading images in Database
Registration and Login forms with validations
Paging, Sorting

13. Strings and Regular Expressions

Declarations styles of String Variables
Heredoc style
String Functions
Regular Expression Syntax POSIX)
PHP’s Regular Expression Functions (POSIX Extended)

14. Working with the Files and Operating System

File Functions
Open, Create and Delete files
Create Directories and Manipulate them
Information about Hard Disk
Directory Functions
Calculating File, Directory and Disk Sizes

15. Error and Exception Handling

Error Logging
Configuration Directives
PHP’s Exception Class
Throw New Exception
Custom Exceptions

16. Date and Time Functions
17. Authentication

HTTP Authentication
PHP Authentication
Authentication Methodologies

18. Cookies

Why Cookies
Types of Cookies
How to Create and Access Cookies

19. Sessions

Session Variables
Creating and Destroying a Session
Retrieving and Setting the Session ID
Encoding and Decoding Session Data
Recently Viewed Document Index

20. Web Services

Why Web Services
RSS Syntax
How to Access Web Services

21. XML Integration

What is XML
Create an XML file from PHP with Database records
Reading Information from XML File

22. MySQL Concepts

Storage Engines
DDL commands
DML Commands
DCL Command
TCL Commands
Stored Procedures
Mysql with PHP Programming
Mysql with Sqlserver(Optional)

23. Protocols, HTTP communications, files, 

HTTP Headers and types
Sending Mails using PHP
Email with Attachment
File Uploading and Downloading using Headers
Implementing Chating Applications using php and Ajax
SMS Gateways and sending SMS to Mobiles
Payments gateways and How to Integrate them

24. php and MySQL with different web technologies

MVC Architecture

Refund Policy

All Sales and purchase of tickets is final. There are no Refunds issued. 
If a class is rescheduled/cancelled by the organizer, students who have made the payment and registered for the class will be offered a credit towards any future course.

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